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People see the cars and ask all the time, "What is that?" It's a Scion we say. At that point the person usually has a deer in the headlights look on their face.

Scion is a car brand that is part of Toyota of North America. Founded in 2002, Scion focused on a younger audience. But the appeal of the Scion vehicles has captured a wider audience demographic.

We believe that the appeal has been fueled by the quality and reliability of the cars as well asl their low price. Most Scion's are priced at or below $20,000. The priciest car in the Scion lineup is the sporty and wildly successful FR-S with a starting price tag of $26,100. When we say, "starting at" it's not like other car manufacturers where they have several trim levels per make and model. With Scion the concept is a little different. There really is only one level of car. Every Scion vehicle comes equipped with a long list of standard popular features from the factory with the only factory options being exterior color and transmission type. This allows Scion to minimize costs internally and pass the savings on to consumers. This doesn't mean that your car needs to be a rubber stamped vehicle. At any time you can make your Scion uniquely yours with a plethora of accessories.

Think of it like buying an iPhone. When you buy an iPhone you get . . . well the iPhone. You pick the color and amount of memory and that's about it. But then you can make it yours by getting apps, a cool case, and other accessories.

2016 scion ia
2016 Scion iA
Price: $16,495 MSRP Manual
2016 scion im
2016 Scion iM
Price: $19,255 MSRP Manual
2016 scion tc
2016 Scion tC
Price: $20,180 MSRP Manual
2016 scion fr-s
2016 Scion FR-S
Price: $26,100 MSRP Manual

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